tag [tag]
[ME tagge, prob. < Scand, as in Swed tagg, a point, spike, Norw, a point; akin to Ger zacke, a point, jag: see TACK]
1. Archaic a hanging end or rag, as on a torn skirt
2. any small part or piece hanging from or loosely attached to the main piece
3. a hard-tipped end, as of metal, on a cord or lace, to give stiffness for drawing through holes; aglet
4. a piece of bright material tied next to the fly on a fishhook
5. a card, ticket, plastic marker, etc. tied or attached to something as a label or worn as identification, etc. [a price tag, a name tag]
6. an epithet or sobriquet
a) an ornamental, instructive, or strikingly effective ending for a speech, story, etc.
b) a short, familiar quotation, esp. when used as such an ending
9. the last part of any proceeding
10. a loop on a garment for hanging it up, or on a boot for pulling it on
11. a flourish or decorative stroke in writing
a) a lock of hair
b) a matted lock of wool
13. a children's game in which one player, called “it,” chases the others with the object of touching, or tagging, one of them and making that one “it” in turn
14. a tiny amount of radioactive isotope incorporated into a compound so that it can be readily traced through a chemical reaction, physiological cycle, etc.
15. Obs. the rabble: cf. RAGTAG
16. Baseball the act of tagging
tagged, tagging
1. to provide with a tag; fasten a tag to; label
2. to identify by an epithet
3. to choose or select
4. to end (a speech, story, etc.) with a tag
5. to overtake and touch in or as in the game of tag
6. to print (a postage stamp) with luminescent ink so that ultraviolet light can locate the stamp for cancellation and sorting: chiefly in the past participle
7. Informal to strike or hit hard
8. Informal to follow close behind
9. Informal
a) to put a parking ticket on (a vehicle)
b) to charge with lawbreaking [he was tagged for speeding ]
10. Baseball to touch (a base runner) with the ball or to touch (a base) with the ball or while holding the ball, with the aim of putting the runner out
Informal to follow close behind a person or thing: usually with along, after, etc.
☆ tag up
Baseball to return to the base and touch it before taking another lead or running: said of a base runner

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